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Bingo is one of the most popular games played across the globe. It has existed now for over centuries providing all its players a channel to have fun, entertainment, socialise and win real money. From North America to Europe, the game has travelled to a lot of countries and has gained the same popularity everywhere. In this tech-savvy world of internet, more and more punters are playing bingo everyday to experience the delights of online bingo. The game never gained so much popularity before getting launched to the virtual world. So what is it that made online bingo so much popular compared to the traditional bingo halls? Variety of games and the convenience are the two major factors for the growth of the online bingo. In this fast paced world people get very less time to socialise. Online bingo provides fun and medium to connect with people in an inexpensive way. During their leisure time, people visit bingo halls or online bingo rooms for a chance to meet new people with the possi

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