Jun 12, 2013

Coin Dozer is a fun game popular in arcades. This game is not purely a casino game but it can be one considering the fact that it uses coins as inputs and pays in coins as well. This game is listed under the category Cards & Casino at the Play Store so we will consider it as one. Addictive as it might be, this game provides us with entertainment of collecting coins for hours and hours. In arcades and carnivals, you can find this game with the name "Penny Pusher".

Coin Dozer

How This game Works?
The idea behind this game is quite simple. It is the replica of Penny Pusher arcade game. In the arcade machine, there are coins of different shapes and sizes. In addition to those coins, there are also toys and other special items. The aim of the game is to collect those toys and coins.

There is a pushing mechanism at the far end of the arcade machine. You have to drop coins at that area by tapping. That pushy thing will push forward those coins. One coin pushes the other and this in turn pushes more coins forward. Your aim is to push those gold coins and prizes towards the screen. The goal should be to extract more coins than what you fed to the machine. At the front of the machine, there is a collection area. Your goal is to drop what you want to collect in that area. There are places at the left and the right where your valuable coins might fall out. So, you must avoid pushing those coins out from the left and right.

Game Currency
The currency in the game are the coins themselves. You drop in coins and get those back in return. You have a limited number of coins, though. Those coins are awarded to you one every 30 seconds when you are playing the game. When you are not playing the game, you get one coin after 9 minutes. You can have up to a maximum of 40 free coins.

Bonuses and Specials
A lot of bonuses exists such as toys, giant coins and coins of various other sizes. There also exist something known as "Shake Points" which allows you to shake the board. That will drop coins if they are near the mouth of the machine. But shake points are hard to come by. Another interesting specialty about this game is that you get bonuses which creates blocks in areas from where your coins drop out. That will prevent you from losing coins for a short period of time.

You can also purchase bonus items such as box of prizes. If you successfully manage to collect those prizes, then they will allow you to complete prize puzzles.

Final Thoughts
The game is quite addictive once you get the hang of it. With impressive graphics and an addictive game play, this is what you need if you have some spare time with nothing to do. The game takes a lot of patience pushing those coins from the way back. This game would be more fun if we could get more coins at once without buying them. But, with the limited number of coins, we can only get more creative which allows us to earn more coins.

So get ready to make those jingling sound with coins by playing Coin Dozer.

Coin Dozer
Reviewed by Ashish Singh on Nov 26, 2013
Rating: 4.6

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