Jun 12, 2013

Now there are a number of TeenPatti games, which is a card game similar to poker but is played only with three cards. Out of the many Teen Patti games that we found in the Play Store, we chose the one by iBibo as it is the one which introduced us to the online version of Teen Patti game.

Teen Patti

The first thing that you have to do to play this game is to install it from the Play Store. The second thing to do is to login/register to this game. Guests cannot play and you have to either have or create an ibibo account or you can easily log in via Facebook.

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There are several types of games. They are named as: Traditional Game, AK47, Lowest Total, Highest Total, Card Color Burst, 1942 A Love Story, Low Card Joker, High Card Joker and Muphlis. But it seems like the traditional game attracts most of the players. There must be at least 4 players (including you) to play the game. You can also join other tables after their running game completes. When all the players have joined the table, the cards will be shuffled and the game begins.

After the cards are dealt, you can either view your cards or play as blind. You can chaal (make a move by paying the bet), do a sideshow with the player right next to you by paying the bet amount or pack up your card. The game ends when there are only two players remaining and one of them does a show. The player with the winning card gets all the money on the table.

So enjoy a game of teen patti, flush, flash or whatever name you may call it.

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