Jun 26, 2013

Casino and Cards games is one of the categories of games found in the Play Store. This category holds many games of such type. One click will lead you to find lists and lists of games that you can play. Many paid and free versions of casino games exists. While we cannot say that all of them are fun, we can say that we enjoyed playing a lot of them.

After playing a good amount of casino/card games from the Play Store, we decided to list them according to their popularity in the real world. We searched for a top 10 list of casino games and extracted the list. We then decided to share the list with you along with their free android game counterpart.

A list of top 10 popular casino & card games along with a free android version of the same game:

10. Bingo

Android Game: Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash
Played at different places, Bingo can be a recreational game as well as a serious gambling game. People have to match a set of numbers with the drawn numbers and if they are lucky enough, they might get the right numbers to scream BINGO!!

In Android, we found different bingo games. We enjoy this Bingo game called Bingo Bash which is a social bingo game involving virtual points. With many features this is the perfect bingo game for android.

9. Baccarat

Android Game: Baccarat Royale

Baccarat RoyaleA popular card game where a player bets against who will win: The Banker, The Player or will it be a Tie.  The rules are simple to understand even for a new player. This thrilling casino game makes it to our top 10 list.

Baccarat is a simple and free android version of the game found in the Play Store. Use virtual chips to bet and deal the cards to see whether you win or lose. Bet slowly and with confidence

8. Wheel of Fortune

Android Game: Luckiest Wheel

Luckiest Wheel
A simple betting game which involves the spinning of a large wheel. You simply bet on a symbol and when the spinning wheel comes to a stop, if your symbol is pointed then you win.

In Android we found a different wheel of fortune game which involves spinning the wheel and figuring out your bet. Then you fill in the missing words on the board to win the amount that the wheel is pointing towards.

7. Keno

Android Game: Dream Keno

Dream Keno
A lottery game where you bet on numbers. This casino game allows you to make bets on numbers. Then random balls with numbers are drawn and if your number marked ball comes up you have a chance of winning.

In Android, we found a perfect Keno game known as Dream Keno. You can bet on up to 10 numbers and more bets costs you more. Your winnings depend upon how many numbers you bet show up marked on balls.

6. Video Poker

Android Game: Video Poker

Video Poker
Video poker is a version of a poker popular in casinos. It is popular because unlike normal poker games it is played against the house. The house is represented by a computerized machine just like slots. In slots it totally depends upon luck but in video poker you can always use your skills.

For android the game is also titled Video Poker. The standard rules of the game apply as you play against the computer. Your stars are also recorded so win and show them off.

5. Roulette

Android Game: Roulette Royale

Roulette Royale
Roulette is another casino game involving wagers. You place chips on numbers. There are additional betting options like betting on even and odd numbers. Winnings depend upon your luck.

A search at the Play Store revealed to us a game titled Roulette Royale. You get to play American as well as Russian version of the Roulette game. You play with bots that bet along with you.

4. Slots

Android Game: Slots Fever - slot machines

Slots Fever - slot machines
Slot machines are quite popular. You just drop in some coins, pull the handle on the slot machine and the display spins. You are awarded returns and cash winnings if you get a certain pattern of symbols. Different slot games exists for instance: Fruit Slots.

Our android game is titled Slots Fever - slot machines which is a Vegas style slots game. With different modes of play, bonuses games and different tables this game will get you hooked.

3. Black Jack

Android Game: BlackJack 21 Free [See: 10 Best BlackJack Games for Android]

BlackJack 21 Free
Black Jack is a famous card game where a dealer and players play. A blackjack table will be surely available in casinos around the world. Basically, the dealer and the player competes on who can get a number closest to 21. A blackjack is scored when a player gets and Ace and a Queen.

If you are looking to play blackjack in android we recommend the popular one called BlackJack 21 Free. It is a free to play blackjack which you play with the in-game credits.

2. Craps

Android Game: Craps Free

Craps Free
It is said that it is impossible to walk in a casino without hearing people screaming excitedly at a craps table. This dice based game is quite exciting. Roll the dice and see whether the magical numbers work out for the best of you.

For android a free craps game that we recommend is titled Craps Free. It is a free version of Craps game which you can enjoy in your device. Roll the lucky winning numbers and you might accumulate a lot of pay.

1. Poker

Android Game: Live Hold'em Poker Pro [See: Top 10 Free Poker Games for Android]

Live Hold'em Poker Pro
Poker can be said as the most popular casino game all over the world. Many versions of this game exists and people seem to enjoy this game a lot. Whether it is a group of friends killing some time or it is in a Vegas Casino table, Poker is quite famous.

The Play store has a lot of versions of casino games. Our eye caught the most popular one which is titled Live Hold'em Poker Pro. This hit game is played with virtual currency and millions of players globally.
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