Jul 27, 2013

When it comes to Android or just smartphones, I think they house all the games known to mankind. The same goes for card games. A person always comes across at least one if not many card games that the person desired to play.

UNO is a popular fun card game and we all know that. Android has its share of UNO card games featured in the play store. They are still the fun UNO card games that we played with real paper cards back in the days. The rules are same and the excitement is even more with online multiplayer that allows you to play with strangers from around the globe. You could be playing with anyone and the match is always challenging.

So, we have established that UNO is  and now I want to share a list of UNO games and apps from the Play Store that you will enjoy.

1. UNO™ & Friends

UNO™ & Friends
This is the first UNO game that made me realize that I could play UNO in my smartphone. The fun that I had playing this game with strangers was comparable to how we would play screaming UNO on top of our lungs. Gameloft, the company behind this game has produced a free and a paid version of the game. I am not sure about you, but I enjoy the free version that is titled UNO™ & Friends.

2. UNO Card Phone Game

UNO Card Phone Game
While the UNO game I mentioned above is fun, I am presenting you with other choices like this one. This is a single player UNO game that you can download to your Android phone. The game is between you and computer players. This is the right game for you if you want to play against other computer players. This game has been developed by Blue Video Maker Inc.

3. UNO Gameplay

UNO Gameplay
This is another UNO like game developed by our previous developer Blue Video Maker Inc. The ratings of this app is average. The rules are kind of different as this game combines the rules of UNO, Quitter and Mystery Draw. This card game can support up to four players including you, with the other players being computer players. You can also set the skill level of computer players to challenge yourself. The rules may be different than the original UNO in many ways as players are eliminated from the game until a final one is left as the winner. Players are eliminated as their card sum becomes higher than a certain number.

I hope that you liked our list of UNO games for Android phones. The list is short but only one game is enough if that game is good enough.
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