Aug 19, 2013

Once you begin playing casino games in your phone, it becomes one of your favorite pass times. You get really addicted to a few games and then those are the games that you play regularly. But then one day you realize that you are tired of playing the same game over and over again. In such a case you might need to freshen up your game collection in your Android phone.

SlotsSo whether it is that you have completed all the levels of a certain game or whether you are tired of playing the same game over and over again, you tend to download new ones. If you are looking to download some new slots games for your phone or Android tablets/phablets, then we have a few suggestions from the new games collection.

Here is a list of five new free slots games to watch out for:

1. Jackpot Slots Club

Jackpot Slots Club

A brand new slots game that is catching the eyes of many casino gamers from the Android world. This is a free to play video slots game.There is a high level of social integration as you get to play with your Facebook friends. You also get to share your score in your Facebook wall. There are 17 different slot machine themes which feature different modes of games and scoring.

2. Slotoworld - Slot Machines

Slotoworld - Slot Machines

With great graphics and sound effects, this slots game is collecting the favor of many Android casino gamers. The excitement of praying for luck and winning big in this game is there; along with some unique bonuses, realistic animations and excellent effects that will make you go "WOW".

3. Titan Slots™

Titan Slots™

As the name claims, this one is a Titan amongst the new slots games that has been introduced to the store. Download this one for free and be immersed in the world of slots. Featuring different machines with different styles and plays with massive payouts, this is a slots game that will impress you. You get bonus chips every hour and you can even play offline when you don't have an internet connection.

4. Retro Timer Slot Machine

Retro Timer Slot Machine

This casino game gives you the possibility of running a European style slot machine in your Android handheld device. This free to play slots game introduces you to the world of fruit machines. Spin the machines and then try to get the matching fruits in different rows, columns and even diagonally to win some in-game credits.

5. Slots Vegas™

Slots Vegas™

This one is claimed as one of the best free to play slots game. Download this game and see whether it is true or not for yourself. You get free spins for up to 50 times at first. You also get bonuses every hour and with those bonus chips, you can spin even more. Enjoy winning big!
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