Aug 20, 2013

If you love UNO then, I have already suggested three UNO or UNO like games in Android for you the last time. This time, I came across this new UNO game called Crazy UNO 3D. This new game might not be the best but it is always good to have options for games in your Android device.
Crazy UNO 3D

This is a variation of the UNO game. Actually this game is based upon a game called Crazy Eights which is quite similar to UNO. How this one differs from the original UNO game is that this one has more power cards that makes the game more fun to play.

You can play Crazy UNO 3d with computer when you are not connected to the internet. When you have access to the internet you would be better off playing with real human players from around the globe with the multiplayer option. In a game of UNO you can play with a total of six different players including you. The multiplayer mode requires you to connect to the server and it displays the different games that are going on. You can join one of them if allowed and after the game finishes and commences for the next round. You can even create your own game for other players to join.

Try a game against the computer players, setting a difficulty level for computer players that you desire or play against those intelligent human players who will do anything to beat you. You will have to use your strategy and tricks to help you beat your competition. You might want to use the power cards only when necessary and sometimes just to trick others. The clever and lucky one always wins the game.

Whatever mode you play the game, it is always fun. Try out Crazy UNO 3d.

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