Aug 27, 2013


Backgammon may not always be found in Casinos but it can be considered as a casino game as well. This is a game which involves luck as well as strategy. This is a two player game where each player has to role dice. The outcome of the dice allows movement of the pieces on the board. The movement of pieces will depend upon players strategy. The main goal of this game is to remove all the pieces on the board before the opponent does the same. So one has to use strategies to move their pieces while trying to counter the moves of the opponent.

Backgammon has naturally found its way into electronic devices. There are several games of backgammon in computers and now since the outburst of apps, there are several backgammon gaming apps. Backgammon apps are found for almost all mobile platforms. The goal of this post is to shre Android backgammon games. The Play Store holds several of those but not all of them are that good.

Here is a handpicked list of top 3 free backgammon games for Android devices from the Play Store:

Backgammon - Narde

Backgammon Narde

This is the most popular backgammon game for Android devices. Get this game for free and enjoy this great game. The game features the same backgammon board. Only a slight difference can be noticed with the initial positions and some rules. Roll the dice with a second player who has to be with you. Complete against one another, make some smart moves and use awesome strategies. There is a Bluetooth mode which facilitates two player gaming. Two players can also play on the save device. If only a single player wants to enjoy this game, then there is a versus AI mode where you can challenge against a computer player. The internet challenging feature of this game will soon be introduced as it is in test mode right now.

Backgammon Free

Backgammon Free

Another popular backgammon game found at the play store. This game is a real time killer as you play against the computer player. The AI is quite smart at this game. You can set five different AI levels depending upon your competency in backgammon. If you find it too difficult you can also use the "Hints" feature of this game to help you out. This is the backgammon game to pick if you truly enjoy this game and want to spend some time playing this game offline.

Backgammon Lite

Backgammon Lite

This is a lite version of an app that allows you to play backgammon. You can play against an artificial computer player which can be very smart. You can also play online against global backgammon players. If you have a friend around who wants to play with you then you also have the two player mode. This is a great free backgammon app that allows you to enjoy the game it its true form. Challenging your phone's AI, a friend or a random stranger in a game of backgammon is what this game is all about.
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