Sep 17, 2013

If you ever played this game called Nine Card Game or any related game to it, then you will love this Android app. The app name or game name at the Play Store is called "Nine Card Game". It is a fairly new app with 50K to 100K installs.

The install base for this app might be low but the number of ratings is high. This determines that the limited users who try this game are quite happy with it. You might be one of them after you download and try this game on your Android device. This is a fun game where the bets/coins are limited.

Nine Card Game

If you don't know already, "How to play this game?"

  1. Four players play the game.
  2. This game is fairly simple to play. Nine cards are distributed to each of the four players.
  3. To get into the game a game fee is required. In this particular game 50 coins are required. The coins are put in the bank.
  4. The player who has the nine of diamonds will throw it forward and the game commences.
  5. Other players have to put the card before or after the card in sequential order. In this case, the player with eight of diamonds or ten of diamonds can put the card right next to the nine of diamonds.
  6. Players can also bring forward other three nines to the play. That is if they have it.
  7. Players will try to order the cards sequentially as their turn comes. A players turn comes clockwise.
  8. If you miss a turn because you don't have a sequential card, you pay the bank a fine of 10 coins.
  9. The goal of the game is to finish all the cards in ones hand. So, be strategic while making your move. Opening up ways for your highest or lowest cards while keeping others stuck should be the strategy.
  10. The first player who is able to finish all the card wins all the money collected at the bank.

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