Sep 2, 2013

When it comes to Android, card games are quite popular and one of those popular card game is Solitaire. There are more than enough numbers of card games at the Android Play Store. The number of Solitaire card games present there is also huge. One might even get confused on what to play.

The rule of the thumb is to play whatever others are playing and enjoying. For that you have to see the number of downloads of the game, the ratings given by players and the number of ratings as well. Usually, I think that games with a rating higher than 4 and rated by a significant amount of users are good enough to give a try.

So, today's game suggestion and review is about a Solitaire game called Solitaire Blitz Deluxe. Like most of the games reviewed and shared on this website, this Solitaire game is also a free to play game for Android phones and other Android devices. The game currently has 4.3 rating, rated by 1559 people which is good enough for us. The number of downloads is higher than 100K and the game is gaining some popularity.

Solitaire Blitz Deluxe

This is a game for every Solitaire player. Once installed this free game will allow you to play Solitaire just like you played it once in your Windows PC or even with a real deck of cards. The game tries to stand out with the help of the pretty layout which is customizable. You can choose the background of your deck of cards. That makes the game interesting.

You also have other options like choosing how many cards to draw: between 1 at a time and 3 time a time. Another interesting feature of this game is that it stores your high scores and compares it globally. That means your playing result can be compared with all the other players that have played and shared their score. If you play good, you might even come in the top worldwide rankings. There are also achievements that will get you playing for some time.

This is a really good game for Solitaire lovers. This follows the classic rule of Solitaire which many of us are aware of. This game is a favorite choice of Solitaire game for many.

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