Nov 27, 2013

Blackjack, also known as 21 is very popular around the world. As far as I know, a version of this game exists in every corner of the world. It is probably because of the fun nature, simple rules and short time required to play one hand of this game. The game can be played in casinos or at home between two buddies. The game can be played for money, for fun or for both money and fun.

Android's Play Store has tons of those Blackjack game. The popular ones have millions of installs while most of them have hundreds of thousands of installs. This shows how much Android users are into playing blackjack in their phones and tablets. A lot of choice in the Play Store is good but having a lot of Android games to choose from can be confusing. This post is created to list 10 best and equally popular Blackjack games at the Play Store.

The list of 10 best Blackjack games for Android:

1. BlackJack 21 Live - Casino

by AbZorba Games

Blackjack is played between two or more players. It is still fun to play with a computer player dealer. But the fun adds if you play with others alongside you. With that in mind, the first BlackJack game that I recommend it called BlackJack 21 Live - Casino. This is a multiplayer game with lots of options, graphical goodies, account features, tables and other fun added goodies.

2. BlackJack 21 FREE

by Super Lucky Casino

This one seems to be the most popular Blackjack game found at the play store. With over 5 million installs, around 400K reviews generating an aggregate review of 4.3 and countless positive user comments, this is one good Blackjack game. This one easily works offline and has features such as achievements and free chips.

3. Blackjack 2011

by Mouse Games

This is another popular one in the Play Store because of the good gameplay environment that it provides. Great for killing some time, this is another recommended Blackjack game. With different difficulty modes, this game will be a challenge for you. Learn some real world Blackjack strategies and increase your odds of winning as you practice with this game.

4. Blackjack 21 Free

by WhatWapp Entertainment

The title of this game is not that unique but the layouts are. You will get to choose from several Blackjack tables. Tables are designed to match the themes of several places around the world, where people go for casinos. This game has some impressive graphics and is quite pleasant to play.

5. Italian BlackJack

by WhatWapp Entertainment

This game is here in the list because I wanted to recommend a different type of Blackjack Game. Instead of 21 being the best number this game has set the number to be 7.5. The rules are really similar and you will learn them quickly. The card designs are kind of different but are selectable. With this game you get to try a variation of Blackjack from Italy.

6. Casino BlackJack

by Alchemic Solutions Group, Inc
This is a normal Blackjack game except for some unique features. One of them is the ability to use stars to get a peek at the dealer’s card. This may not happen in the real world, but since you are playing for fun, this game works quite well.

7. Blackjack LIVE!

by Playphone
This game is here in the list because of its social features. You will be able to gather your Facebook friend by inviting them. Then all your friends can play against the house and win big. It will be difficult but with great strategies and quick thinking, you might be the next big winner.

8. Big Win Blackjack™

by Mobile Deluxe
If you want to win big in the real world, then you have to practice your Blackjack skills at home. The best thing to do these days is to practice with Android games. This one is designed specifically for that purpose. You can sharpen your Blackjack skills to get an advantage when you play for real.

9. Ultimate BlackJack 3D

by UBJ3D
This game is different from other Blackjack games because of the graphical elements. You are presented in a virtual 3d like environment.

10. Blackjack Lite

by bit Time International FZE
The final game in our list is called Blackjack Lite. Just at around 3.5 MBs this game takes very less space in your phone/tablet while providing you a full blackjack playing experience.

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