Nov 30, 2013

Bingo, over the years, has been an absolute favorite for many. It is a game which involves some gambling and a lot of quick thinking. The rules are fairly simple for everyone to understand. You buy tickets with money, random numbers are drawn and you check whether those numbers match with the ones on your ticket. Once you get matching numbers in a certain order, you can claim a prize or BINGO. But you would be competing with several other players, who are playing at the same time. The first one to claim wins and there are several ways to claim.

Bingo is interesting because we need both luck and quick thinking in order to win. This exciting game is very popular and undoubtedly, there are many versions of this app in the Play Store, a store filled with apps and games. The Play Store game is good for Android users and we know that every 4 out of 5 phones in the world are powered with Android. So, if you are reading this, there is a very high chance that you landed here because you came to find good Android Bingo games.

The game that we will be discussing today is titled: "Bingo Fever - Free Bingo Game" at the Play Store. It is developed by a developer with the name TOPFUN. You are required to be connected to the internet to play this game.

The Basic GamePlay
If you already know how to play Bingo, then you already know how to play this game. The basic game play involves: you buying Bingo tickets using the in-game currency and then going to different rooms to play this fun game. You play against other live players, so the competition is real and you are trying out your luck with other intelligent beings. The different rooms available in the world are named after countries.

The rooms and their unlockable levels are as follows:

  • America: Unlocked from the start.
  • Japan: Unlocked at level 3
  • Britain: Unlocked at level 6
  • Australia: Unlocked at level 10
  • Egypt: Unlocked at level 15
  • Russia: Unlocked at level 20
  • Germany: Unlocked at level 25
  • India: Unlocked at level 30
  • Brazil: Unlocked at level 45
  • China: Unlocked at level 60

Additionally, there are three sub-levels or special levels under each room which are named

  1. Bingo Fever
  2. Special Room
  3. Festival Room

These special sub-rooms are unlocked at even higher levels. So in total, there are 30 different rooms to play in. Higher level rooms mean more professional players. It is because you are competing with people who have played a lot and are at higher levels themselves.

Select a room to play and buy a number of tickets with the in-game currency (discussed below). You can buy up to four tickets. Wait for the game to start, and then you are live and playing. Sometimes you can buy four tickets at once to enter a game that has already started. But remember, higher number of tickets means that you have to be faster in finding numbers. Two tickets at once is the best choice.

After the game begins, you cross off numbers as they are announced. You can use "Power" to get special items and bonuses while you are playing. It will help your game. Power up is gained when you get three matching numbers which fills up the power bar. Once you are sure that you have scored a Bingo, hit the button that says Bingo, which is right below the ticket. If you are correct, you win. But if you are wrong, you get invalid Bingo and your ticket becomes useless.

Bingo Won

Bingo is announced when you get numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally in a row. You also get to announce Bingo when you have numbers from all the four corners of a ticket. There are other ways to win as well. The game ends when all the prizes are claimed. At the end of a round your winnings are displayed.

Daily Task
Another interesting thing about this game is a feature called "Daily Task". With this, you are given tasks and when they are completed, you get rewarded for them. But you get a period of 24 hours to accumulate numbers required in those tasks.

In-game currency
In-Game Currency There are two types of in-game currency. One is $Coins and the other one is a currency marked by a "T". You start of with 2000 $Coins and 50 "T". The first currency or $Coins are used to buy cool virtual stuffs and the "T" currency is used to buy Bingo cards. Hence, "T" is the important one and you win more "T" by winning Bingos. Currency is earned by winning, completing games or with the help of daily bonuses.

Experience Points
Experience points increase with every game played. After a game ends you are awarded a couple of experience points. As the numbers add up, you climb up to higher levels. Once you reach a certain level, you can unlock new rooms. Experience points, are therefore, very important.

Other Bonuses
Treasure Box There are a lot of bonuses that you can win in this game. After the game ends, you get to see what you have won in the round summary. Bonuses are won by your activity in the game as well as your luck. When the game ends, you find treasure boxes which you can unlock with keys. Those treasure boxes, when opened, reward you with cool prizes including the highly useful "T" currency. But you need to have keys to open those treasure boxes. You can read more bingo Bonuses on this site.

The game design is very fun. It's quite attractive and it seems that the developers have not compensated anything in design. Hence, the game is visually appealing with graphics and animations that add quite a value to the game. But when we buy four tickets at once, we have to scroll through the screen in order to take a look at all our tickets. The screen can only fit two tickets at once and scrolling through them makes the game difficult. It would be quite easier if it was possible to view all four tickets at once.

Profile and Collections
Your profile holds information about your wins and collections. You can create a user name to be identified. You can also see your game stats like total tickets, total coins, keys etc. Other achievements are also easily viewable through profile.

If you are looking to play Bingo in Android, then this game is highly recommended. There are many high quality free Bingo games at the Play Store. All of them are really fun and good. If you are looking to switch through games to try out new ones or if you are out of virtual currency in your other Bingo game, let's say Bingo Bash; then you can switch to this one.

Bingo Fever
Reviewed by Ashish Singh on Nov 30, 2013
Rating: 4.5

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  1. How do I buy power ups with house money?

  2. How do you get the daily credits? Sometimes get them but not often. Times I do get them and start playing. And their gone. Can't play very often

  3. I enjoy playing Bingo Fever, but have a question. When playing "Pirates", I noticed in the scoring box that there is a reset button in the upper left corner. It's greyed out and does nothing when I tap on it, or press it. Any suggestions?


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