Dec 30, 2013

The Play Store is loaded with a lot of games including casino and card games. But the store does seem to lack in teen patti games. Teen Patti is a famous poker like game played in South Asia. The name Teen Patti literally translates to Three Cards. Some even call it three card poker. But the rules of this game are quite different than that of Poker.

There are other names of this game which are Flash, Flush etc. This post is dedicated to the list of Teen Patti games that are available at the Play Store. Android users have some choices when it comes to playing this game. But the ones that they have are good enough to keep them busy playing the game of Teen Patti for a long time. There are multiplayer as well as single player TeenPatti games at the Play Store.

Here is the list of six of those Teen Patti Games for Android users:


by iBibo

The site which is a lot like Facebook is known for its Teen Patti game. They have developed their version of Teen Patti for Android devices as well. Users can play this Teen Patti which is a multiplayer game played with other Android users who have installed this game. The game is filled with fun and there are several rooms with unique rules of their own. Since you play with real human players in a teen patti room, there is an immense amount of fun in the game play. The game does require you to have an iBibo account or you can even log in with your Facebook account.

Teen Patti King - Flush Poker

by MyWavia Studios

An awesome new Teen Patti game by MyWavia Studios. The game is quite a hit already and you might want to try it. There are various tables with bet amounts pre-specified. You can also try Hukum which is an easy to learn modified version of Teen Patti. This game does not require you to spend real world currency, so there's that. Also, the multiplayer action is quite fun for everyone. You also do not need to register to get free bonuses and play the game. There are also several in-game elements like virtual gifts and leader board to keep your motivated/busy.

Teen Patti

by Octro, inc

This is another multiplayer version of Teen Patti which is worth playing. This Teen Patti game is quite great Teen Patti game which is getting famous every day. The graphics and sound of this game deserve lots of praise. There is a multiplayer mode which is quite a winning point for this game. Play Teen Patti with real human players and you will understand how fun it is. You can play as a guest or login with Facebook. There are different other features such as leaderboards, private rooms, push notifications, themes, gifts and in-game chatting.

Teen Patti Indian Poker

by Artoon Solutions Private Limited

A fun game of Teen Patti with competitive multiplayer features. Play with your friends or with random players in Tables that has different bet limits. You can also play the related game called Hukum. All the standard rules apply and you might come across several tables that has high bet limits and the requirement to play Blind. Bet big and risk it all so that your opponents give in and you will be the ultimate prize winner. You will also get to participate in periodic contests where you win bonus chips.

Teen Patti

by Tidda Games

This is also Teen Patti game which has an online mode for Android users. The game play is quite fun in online mode .However, if you do not have an internet connection, you can try their offline mode which requires you and a bunch of friends to share a single phone to play Teen Patti offline. This game also has leaderboards which allows you to see where you stand when compared against the world.

Loss2Win Teen Patti

by aaviskar

This Teen Patti game is for someone who wants to try something different. First of all, I have to say that the game play is totally offline. This game also bends the rules of the game. The winning cards are the losing ones and vice versa. This game is suitable for those who are looking to play offline with some change in the rules.

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