Apr 25, 2014

Are you one of those card game players who would love to play card games whenever there is time? Then you are probably a fan of the game Solitaire as well. We are all aware of the fact that this game has many variations. These simple variations make Solitaire a fresh game. Well the 253 variations present in this app, will surprise you quite a bit. We knew there were variations of this game but that many. This Solitaire app for Android seems to have implemented each and every possible variation of Solitaire game played all across the world.

250+ Solitaire Collection for Android

With all those different types of Solitaire games with different set of rules and arrangement, you will never seem to run out of card games with this single app. Get busy sorting cards and scratching your head whenever you feel like a game of Solitaire. The popular versions such as FreeCell or Klondike (draw three Solitaire), which you probably played in MS Windows are all there. This app is for those who would like to try a new Solitaire game with new rules every time.

The Variations of Solitaire

Categories of Solitaire This app promises 253 variations currently. That means there are 253 different types of Solitaire games are present within this single app. Of course, the variations are mostly minor and the basic rule is to sort cards according to their value, color and deck. These variations are presented in different categories in this app.

You will see a bunch of Solitaire games grouped in categories such as Canfield Type, Fan Type, FreeCell Type, Joker Solitaire and Pyramid Type. Expand a category and find a list of games listed under that category. It isn't just possible to try all those categories in a single day of play. So, take your time and play a new Solitaire game every time, if you are into trying out all of those.

If you are not sure about the rules then this game has a demo feature that shows you how to play each type of Solitaire. There are also rules that you can read to figure out details.

Some of the variations are totally original and unique to this game. That means you will get to play Solitaire with rules that no other gaming app has. You can also define your own rules and arrangement in the "Custom games" section. All these keep this game interesting.


This app also stores your statistics. Those are fun to watch. You can also back them up and restore them.

Customizations and Options

With never ending variations available, you also are provided with a long list of options and customizations. You can customize just about everything. Change animation options and other display options, customize your cards, decks and backgrounds, make sure that the sounds played are according to your choice and select a nice theme to go with everything you choose. You get to choose minor details of every element present in this app.

Final Words

If you are looking to play Solitaire in Android, then this is the best app to go for. This app is guaranteed to have the particular Solitaire game that you are looking for. Just browse through the 250+ categories available and you will find the game of your choice. Enjoy Solitaire in every possible way.

250+ Solitaire Collection by Alexei Anoshenko
Reviewed by Ashish Singh on Apr 25, 2014
Rating: 4.5

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