Apr 30, 2014

Bingo is not a single player game and there is no questioning this fact. One does not simply play bingo alone. With 24/7 availability of internet in mobile devices these days, mobile games are quick to implement a multiplayer option for gaming. Bingo Run is one of those multiplayer bingo games that you can download for free. This game is widely played by users with Android devices.

Bingo Run

The game stats at the Play Store show that this one has accumulated 1 million to 5 million installs. With a very good rating of 4.5 by more than 34 thousand users, this game has a very high standing. Looking at the stats alone we can say that the game is of good quality. It has users in millions and most of them are happy with the game play. So, if you want a Bingo game, this one should go in your list.

Some Details about Bingo Run

Bingo Run Gameplay

Basic Gameplay
It can be simply understood how the game works. You buy bingo tickets at first. Then players enter a game and after a certain time, a round begins. Random numbers are announced. You have to daub matching numbers present in your card. If you get numbers to fill up rows or columns, four corners or diagonally, you can claim Bingo. As the game ends, you collect your rewards in terms of experience, coins, diamonds and bingo bucks.

Leveling Up
As you daub on matching numbers, your experience meter goes up. If it fills up, you move up one level. As you reach a certain level, you are able to unlock new levels. New levels introduce higher winnings and higher number of tickets. The cost for bingo tickets also go up with the levels.

In-Game Currency
This game features three type of in-game currency. Usually, we come across games with two of those, but this one has three. The virtual currencies are named Bingo Bucks, Coins and Diamonds. Bingo Bucks are the most important ones. Using it, you will be able to buy bingo tickets. The cost of a ticket depends upon a level. Then there are Diamonds, which you use to play a mini slot like game. This game rewards you with Bingo tickets as well as some virtual items.

Tournament Mode
In tournament mode, your winnings are compared to the world. Players of this awesome game are ranked. Rewards in terms of bingo bucks, coins and diamonds are given to players with high standings. Currently players up to rank 10001 can get rewards.

Mini Game
There is a mini slot game present in Bingo Run. If you play and win in this slot game, you are able to claim rewards such as bingo bucks and other virtual gifts. It costs you diamonds to play this slot game. Play this game when you are out of bingo bucks.

Free Bonuses
You get daily bonuses of 12 bingo bucks which you can use to play. These come for free. You also get bonuses here and there for other activities.

Game Winnings


This Bingo Game is a fun one. It is a lot like other multiplayer online bingo games. The game elements are a lot similar with multiple virtual currencies, virtual gifts, multiplayers, tournaments etc. But these elements are responsible for making this game fun. The developers have incorporated these features perfectly into the game. Overall, they have created a fun multiplayer bingo playing environment.

Bingo Run - Free Bingo Game by Tinidream Studios
Reviewed by Ashish Singh on Apr 30, 2014
Rating: 4.5

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