Apr 20, 2014

Android games are capable of giving us a casino gaming experience, thanks to a large number of casino and card games at the Play Store. One of such games is Millionaire Slots by the developer Fruit Salad Games. This is a Vegas style five reel slots game. This game is quite popular with over a million installs already. The ratings are also 4.6 at the time of this writing, which is quite high.

Millionaire Slots by Fruit Salad Games

This game of slots has everything a casino game should have. It has multiple slot machines, capability of large exciting wins, different bonuses and overall it has a great game play. You can get hooked up in this game once you begin to work on collecting $ currency, the virtual currency of this game. Gaining more experience and leveling up, and unlocking new slot machines become quite addictive and fun.

The Game Elements

Millionaire Slot Machine Preview

The Rules
There isn’t much to the rules so as to speak. The only thing that you have to do is to place a bet. The amount of bet that you can place depends upon the current level you are in and the slot machine that you are playing. You can also select the number of lines. Higher number of lines means a higher bet amount. But this also results in higher chances in winning. After the bets are placed and lines are selected, spin the machine and wait for the result. Depending upon your luck, your winnings are collected.

Leveling Up
This game is fun because you get to unlock new levels with higher bet amounts. New levels also mean the capability to unlock new slot machines. You move up a level once you meet the required experience points. Your experience points are collected automatically with every spin of the machine.

In-Game Currency
There is just one in-game currency. It is represented by a $ sign on the game. Have fun growing that currency. You can win by spinning the wheel and getting matching graphics. You also collect multiple bonuses and scatter wins. Bonus coins are awarded every 2 hours.

There is also a tournament mode for each unlocked slot machine. You are required to place a bet amount to enter into a tournament. Be on the top 5% in the tournament rankings and win a share of the amount collected in the jack pot pool.

Overall Reaction

This is a fun game enjoyed by millions of Android mobile gamers. If you like mobile casino games, then be sure to try out this slot machine game. With 14 levels to unlock and multiple ways to win, you will find it exciting to get involved in this fun casino game. Be sure to play only when you are free.

Millionaire Slots by Fruit Salad Games
Reviewed by Ashish Singh on Apr 20, 2014
Rating: 4.6

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