May 8, 2014

Slots™ by Shark Party Games is a very popular casino app present in the Play Store for Android. This is a free game for you download. This slots game is popular with the users as most players seem to give this game a positive rating and review. Currently, this game has 5 million to 10 million installs at the Play Store.

Slots™ by Shark Party Games

This game tries to emulate a casino environment in your phone. You get a slot machine right in front of you. Additionally as you level up, you get to access different types of slot machine designs. Winning is exciting even though you just win some virtual currency that has no value in the real world. But hey, you aren't losing tons of real money either.

Game Play
Pay Table of Slots The game play is quite simple. You select the number of lines that you bet on. Like most slot games, this one also has up to 9 lines that you can bet on. You also select a bet amount. The minimum bet amount is $1 and the maximum depends upon the level you are in. Take a look at the pay table if you want to know how much you can win.

After setting up everything, all you do is hit the spin button. It might take some time for the machine to finally stop. You can also turn on the auto spin button. This option allows you to spin the machine automatically for 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 spins. Your bet is multiplied by a multiplier factor if you win. This factor depends upon the outcome of the machine after you spin it.

In-game Currency
This game has only one in game currency. You get a bunch of it at first. You are also awarded in-game currency, which accumulates slowly as time passes. However, there is a maximum limit to how much in-game currency that can be accumulated. This currency can also be bought with real world money.

Levels in Slots
Like most games that are reviewed here, this one has several levels with different themes. Levels ensure that you are not bored with the same layout. With every new level, you get new machines and new graphics to play with. Higher levels means higher bets possible. But you will have to play, win and accumulate experience points before you move up to the next level.


From time to time, you also get awarded different bonuses. You can win free spins or get awarded the in-game currency using wild cards.

Overall Reaction
This is one popular slots game enjoyed by millions of users. We enjoyed it as well. The time the game machine took to spin and stop is a bit long. Other integrated elements such as Pharaoh's treasures, vampire seduction and other fancy elements are fun to unlock and play. Download this game filled with surprises for free from Google's Play Store.

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Reviewed by Ashish Singh on May 8, 2014
Rating: 4.2

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