Aug 19, 2014

Teen Patti seems to be the most popular game demanded by our site visitors and I've found a new free TeenPatti game at the Play Store. The game is titled "Teen Patti King ♠ Flush Poker" at Android's official store and it is available for free for everyone. The game is developed by MyWavia Studios Pvt. Ltd.

Teen Patti King - Flush Poker by MyWavia StudiosThis game follows the standard rules of TeenPatti. You join a table automatically or you can select a table manually. The reason you might want to select a table manually is because you want to enter a table where the bet amount and maximum bet on table amount will be according to your limits. Of course, you are always playing with virtual currency so there isn't a real risk of losing real world money. Unlike other games in this, you don't need to buy this currency with real world money.

Game Play

To play a game of Teen Patti, you either join a table automatically or select it on your own. After you are placed on a table on the server, you will be playing with real online players. You can bet amounts, you can pack or you can show when the game reaches the end. At the end of the game, depending upon the cards you have in your hand; the winner is declared. This is a winner takes all game. If you need to find on how to play teenpatti, then you can refer to our guide.

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This app also features an additional game called "Hukum" which is quite similar to teenpatti. The game is like the popular three card poker game but additionally one card of Hukum or spades is on the board. You can use that card to match with the ones in your hand to create three winning cards. If you are familiar with Teen Patti, you won't have trouble learning this game.

Graphics and Sound
The graphics of this game is quite impressive. The table is perfect which can serve up to four players. The dealer seems to be wearing a saree, which is a nice touch for us South Asian gamers. You can also change your avatar.

Sound is minimum and that is how a card game should be. You can hear the occasional Sitar music in the background, which is quite relaxing.

Virtual Currency
The virtual credits used in this game is Rupees and the sign used to denominate it is that of Indian Rupees. You also see that the currency being referred with a $ sign at the beginning, like when you get free bonuses.

You get free login bonuses which is quite enough to keep you playing. You also get free coins after each round. Coins are converted into Rupees which ensures that you never run out of virtual currency while playing.

You don't even get the option of buying virtual credits.

Logging in
You can either play as a guest or login with Facebook. Playing as a guest is quite suitable if you are not interested in giving external applications access to your Facebook account.

Gifts seems to be an interesting feature in the game. While playing a hand of Teen Patti, you can buy gifts for yourselves as well as for other people. These are virtual gifts bought with virtual credits. There are also expensive in-game gifts like Rolex watches, limos and private jets that can be bought with virtual currency. These are just to show off. You can gift these to your friends in the game. But you require a lot of in-game cash for such expensive items.

Inviting Friends and Challenging Them
You can also invite your Facebook friends to play with them. You can also make friends in the game itself by adding them. When your friends come online, you can challenge and play with them.

Other Features
Statistics: This game stores your statistics. Your entire win, loss history along with other details are stored.

Leaderboard: You can also see the leaderboard to see who the champion of the world is. Try getting your name on the list.

Final Words
This game of Teen Patti King is quite impressive. There isn't anything to complain about. The graphics and sounds are quite adequate for a card game. The design of the table to cater the South Asian market is also quite impressive. Removing the use of in-app purchases from their business model should also be praised. This game is highly recommended if you love Teen Patti.

Teen Patti King ♠ Flush Poker by MyWavia Studios Pvt. Ltd.
Reviewed by Ashish Singh on Aug 19, 2014
Rating: 4.9

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