Oct 21, 2014

Teen Patti is a game famous in countries like Nepal and India. This is a three card poker game that people often play during festivals and family gatherings. Developers from India have come up with a couple of Teen Patti games for Android devices. Scour the Play Store and you will find a handful of good ones. This awesome Teen Patti Indian Poker game by Artoon Solutions is one of those good games.

Teen Patti Indian Poker Loading Screen
The game is free and comes with in app purchases. But, you will never have to purchase virtual currency if you know how to obtain them for free. The game is amazing with different modes, tables and social features. Join a table or create your own and begin winning chips from other players.

Game Play


In a glance, you will find four different modes when you run the app. They are:

Play Now: Join a random table and play with random people immediately.
Play on Table: Select a table that you'd like to play and join.
Create Private Table: Create your own table for you and your friends. This is free as well.
Weekly Contest: Win free chips in this contest mode.

The game and tables features different game rules. You can play Teen Patti and Hukam, and both are quite similar. Other game rules such as the requirement to play blind and the bet/pot limit also applies; depending upon the table type.

Teen Patti Table Screen
The game only supports multiplayer online, so you need to be connected to the internet to play. You can use your Facebook account to login or you can play as a guest. You can play with your Facebook friends or add other friends as your buddies. Social features are what make this game fun. It is always fun to play with someone you know.

In-Game Currency

The game currency used is called chips. When you log in using Facebook, you get 50K chips. That's a lot. If you run out of chips, you can get free chips by rating the game in the Play Store or by liking it in Facebook. Other offers are also there for you to complete.

Overall Reaction

The game is great. There's nothing to complain about the graphics or the features. But there's nothing unique about this game when compared to the list of Teen Patti games that we've reviewed. It is another game of Teen Patti and you can pick the one that you like and play. All of them seem to offer the same type of game play.

Teen Patti Indian Poker by Artoon Solutions Private Limited
Reviewed by Ashish Singh on Oct 22, 2014
Rating: 4.6

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