Oct 13, 2014

Poker must be the most popular card game on this planet. There are many variations to it around the globe and Texas Holdem Poker happens to be the popular kind. If you own an Android device, then just search the Play Store and you will come up with hundreds if not thousands of Poker games. Today, we are going to check out this popular multiplayer poker game called Texas Holdem Poker-Poker KinG by Wayger.com. Like all the apps mentioned in this website, this one is also available for a free download and install. But there will certainly be in-app purchases for credits and it is how the developers get their return.

Texas Holdem Poker - Live Multiplayer Poker in Android


To begin a round of poker with other players online, just hit the "Play Now" button and you will sit on a new table. You can also click on "Holdem Table" to enter the games that are already being played. Just find a table with an empty seat and buy in by paying an amount. The number of people and the maximum bet of a table depend. You can start from a tiny bet table to a big bet table as you collect more and more in-game currency.


You can also participate in tournaments which are more involving and have multiple rounds with tons of prizes at the end. These are fun for an extended period of time.

In-Game Currency

The game currency used in this game is $. Just as for any other game, you get some for joining and you get more for doing things. When you connect this game to Facebook, you get $2000 in chips. You can also buy chips but who needs to spend real world money on games when there are free chips and other games to move on to.


Mini Game at Texas Holdem Poker
There is also a built-in slots game that you can play to win more chips. If you feel lucky bet your cash on this game and you might end up with higher in-game cash. But, remember that it is always a game of chance and anything can happen.

Overall Reaction

This is a fun game for all those poker players who like to take their game online for some multiplayer action. There is nothing much to lose if you just use free currency. This poker game is online multiplayer and it is a must have for such games. You can't just play poker with computer players. It is more fun to play with real people and the developers have done exactly that. This is a fun game to play online. Invite friends and double your fun.

Texas Holdem Poker-Poker KinG by Wayger.com
Reviewed by Ashish Singh on Oct 13, 2014
Rating: 4.2

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