Oct 14, 2014

Poker is usually a game played against other human players. There are tons of poker games in Android (http://www.myfreeonlinegame.com/2013/09/top-10-free-poker-games-for-android.html) and most of them are played online against other human players. But then, there is another version of poker called "Video Poker" which is famous in casinos. This is a poker game that you play against the house or a machine. One of such video poker games is titled "Video Poker - Original Game" and it is by the developer Phonato Studios

Video Poker - Original Games
The thing about Video Poker is that they are quicker and one round takes a lot less time. This Android version is fun to play and you can polish your video poker skills as you play it in your smartphone. May be you can play it in a real casino but now enjoy the fun within a smartphone app.

Game Play

The rules of video poker are simple. Just make your bet, and click the deal button. All the five cards are turned and depending on the cards you get, you might want to draw. The resulting cards will decide your winnings.

The game play has been built around this rule. There's nothing that you need to do except make a bet and press the buttons to move on with the game. It is quite simple and a round can end within a few seconds.

Game Modes
There are several game modes available. You can choose from nine different video poker modes, namely:

  1. Jacks or Better
  2. Tens or Better
  3. Joker Wild
  4. Double Bonus
  5. Bonus Deluxe
  6. Aces and Faces
  7. Deuces Wild
  8. Double Bonus
  9. Nevada Bonus
The rules and winnings in these modes are different from one another. Don't worry; you will be easily able to understand the changes in rules after playing a game or two.

In-Game Currency
There is only one in-game currency and they are known as chips. You use them to bet. There is an option to buy more of those.

You can use your Google Play Games account to sign in. After that, you will be able to participate in worldwide leaderboards. It is just a way of increasing the competition but not necessary.

You can also view other statistics like win ratio from the options menu. You also have the option to reset the stats so that you can start from scratch.

Enjoy this game of Video Poker if you are a fan !

Video Poker - Original Games by Phonato Studios
Reviewed by Ashish Singh on Oct 14, 2014
Rating: 4

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